The Game

For 2 players (or teams) aged 12+, it lasts up to 1 to several hours depending on how many resources are chosen at setup. Players/teams take on the role of Felinia, the Cat Witch, or Aahba, the Toad Witch.  Players set up their witch at either end of the table or playing area.  The number of resource counters used in the game is decided and agreed by both players.  Any size board can be used but a good starting point is a 4' x 4' area.  Both players now populate the board with any scenery or terrain pieces they might like to use, for example, trees, rivers, hills, buildings, even roads.  Players evenly distribute an agreed number of cairns around the play area - the more cairns there are, the shorter the game.  The cairns serve as a focal point for the introduction of resource counters into the play area.  Some cairns can have special top pieces, called crowns, that produce fun and interesting effects during play (please note these are not provided in the starter game pack).


Each witch starts with one gatherer whose job is to roam the play area, garnering resources and bringing them back to their witch.  The witch then uses these resources to brew up spells in her cauldron.  She can cast spells to conjure fearsome warrior breeds, infuse existing breeds with enhanced abilities or produce powerful magical effects that influence combat or the surroundings.  The conjured creatures themselves are fanatically devoted to their witch and will fight to the death against the minions of the opposing witch.  Their aim is to reach the enemy cauldron and brutally attack it until it is destroyed.


A witch lucky enough to find one of the rare Moon Tree Branch resources can use it create her very own broomstick.  With this powerful item, she can fly around the play area casting spells to much greater effect.  The broomstick can also be enchanted to perform other magical wonders.


The use of magic, however, leaks mystic energy into the atmosphere that manifests itself as a nasty, almost oily, black cloud that hangs ominously over the area.  This shadowy pall is known as The Magistatic which, if it builds up too much, can sometimes entice the appearance of the mighty nemesis of the witches:  The Witchwind!  This chaotic, malevolent tornado-like entity careens across the play area, causing damage to terrain, creatures and cauldrons alike regardless of the witch that owns them.


When the resources have run out or the opposing witch's cauldron has been dispelled, the game is over.  Witches gain experience for successfully casting spells, eliminating enemies and dispelling the cauldron of a rival witch.  With enough experience, a witch can increase in power, enabling her to conjure more dangerous creatures and cast more spells with greater potency.  This takes the witch ever further on her journey to defeat fellow members of the Great Coven and become The High Witch.

Witches Cauldron Game Set
Witches Cauldron Game Set
AC03 Witches Cauldron Game Set
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