360 Wargaming

We aim to bring the world of tabletop war gaming together and under one roof; creating a mass community where players can take part in everything wargaming.

Whether you crusade across the bleak and savage universe of Warhammer 40k or brave the gloomy crypts of a D&D Dungeon; at 360 Wargaming you’ll be able to upload your army lists, battle reports, and even your individual hero’s accomplishments, displaying your heroic feats for all to witness.

Struggling to find gamers in your area? Using our Game Finder search engine you’ll be able to find other people playing the same games. You could research their armies, check out their painted models or simply compare win/loss ratios.

In the very near future 360 Wargaming will also provide painting services by excellent artists as well as the opportunity to create your own lore written by our talented free-lance writing pool. The next time you purchase a model, we could turn it into a beautifully painted warrior straight out of a White Dwarf Magazine, fitted with its own individual identity and historical background unique to you!

At 360 Wargaming we strive to bring Wargaming into the next era. An online encyclopedia built upon and around the people who fuel this amazing hobby. Whether you aim to increase your gaming circles, receive expertly painted models, become part of your own lore or simply show off your military might! We aim to expand the tabletop experience from our own little circles, into the UK, The World and beyond… Maybe even Mars if we eventually get there.

You can help support 360 Wargaming and help us grow by making a donation to our GoFundMe campaign, this will be used to add extra features to the website, improve the quality of reviews and to help start our YouTube channel.