Sean The Sculptor

I have been working as a model maker for the last twenty years.  I started working for Scale Model Technical Services (SMTS), a company in Hastings.  Whilst there I learnt how to make moulds and cast models.  I began sculpting whilst working at SMTS.  I made a sports car for the company.  Following this I realised that I had creative talent.  I left the factory and decided to concentrate on making models freelance.

I have carried out commissioned work for various companies over the years.

I produced a range of 28mm Second World War figures for Battle Honours.  I specialised in 28mm soldiers and have done a wide range of figures.

I made two ranges for Redoubt Enterprises: the Boxer Rebellion and the French Indian Wars.

I then began to develop my own range of figures and started my own company named Trident Designs.

I made a Gladiator range, a Robin Hood range and the American War of Independence.  The American War of Independence figures were inspired by Doug Carroccio who promotes and sells the figures on his website Miniature Service Centre in America.

I have also continued to carry out commissions.  One such project was the figures made for Witches Cauldron, which were an interesting diversion from my usual military style figures.  I hope that you have fun gaming and painting the figures that I have made.

Best wishes,

Sean Judd.