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Witches Cauldron Game Set

AC03 Witches Cauldron Game Set

Price: £89.00

All you need to play the Witches Cauldron game is included in this set.  For a fuller experience, check out the other exciting figures and accessories in our Products pages.  This set contains:

- the Witches Cauldron Rulebook (with supplements, magic circles and Witchwind direction disk)

- 2 (two) x spellbook play aids

- 1 (one) x set of resource counters  (200  counters)

- 1 (one) x set of game play counters  (139  counters - 3 x Counter Set 1 and 1 x Counter Sets 3, 4, 5 and 6)

- Aahba's Bestiary

- Felinia's Bestiary

- 2 (two) x resin cairns (each with base direction disk)

1 (one) x Felinia standing witch figure

1 (one) x Aahba standing witch figure

1 (one) x Felinia's cauldron figure

1 (one) x Aahba's cauldron figure

- 2 (two) x Tabby Cat figures

- 2 (two) x Glass Frog figures

- 2 (two) x Coon Cat figures

- 2 (two) x Knife Foot Frog figures

1 (one) x Siamese Archer figure

1 (one) x Boulenger Arrow Frog figure

1 (one) x Tape Measure

1 (one) x Set of Dice


All resin and metal items supplied unpainted. 




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